Chemical Products


Unsaturated polyester resins are produced by subjecting a group of acidic and glycolate substances to heat where they react creating a basic polyester chain. The final mixture is obtained by dissolving this product with an unsaturated solvent like Styrene.

At (BCMI) we import the finest raw materials from well-known global manufacturers. That, in addition to our strong knowledge of the industry due to years of research and experience with the assistance of our top-notch engineers, and as we focus mainly on developing products that meet our clients' expectations of the highest standards; We became qualified to produce a variety of distinctive products of unsaturated resins, the most important of which are:

Resin Products:

• Resin used for the production of artificial marble for various uses. it belongs to (M) category, an abbreviation for the word (Marble). we offer four products: M600-M444-M33-M1111

• Resin used for multi-purpose use. It belongs to (GP) category, an abbreviation for the word (general purpose). we offer two products: GP200-GP400

• Resin used for the production of pipes. It belongs the (PP) category, an abbreviation for the word (Pipe). We offer three products: PP300 -PP500-PP700

Recommended Storage Instructions for Unsaturated Resin Products:

Store at a temperature below 25 ° C and avoid direct sunlight, heat, or flame.
Keep the products in containers in order to avoid moisture and loss of Monomer.
Shelf life is 6 months if kept below 25 ° C.

Warning: resin contains ingredients that could be harmful if misused.
Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided, protective equipment and clothing should be worn while being used.